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s u e   c h I p p e r t o n

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.
by W.R. Purche


Pets are beloved family members. I will capture their authentic character in artful photographs  for you to enjoy in your home and online,  preserving moments in their lives that will last forever. I utilize decades of experience as a professional animal trainer and photographer  to ensure your pet is safe and having fun.  

Here on O`ahu, stunning shoot sites are bountiful: Gorgeous beaches and shorelines, dramatic  volcanic mountains, expansive ranch lands. For a more urban feel, you may prefer the vibrant painted murals in Kaka`ako, or the historic  architecture around Honolulu. Together we’ll  find the perfect place. 


Take a look and reach out if you have questions,

or would like to book a session. 

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