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Sue Chipperton, a Oahu based dog photographer is flanked by her dogs in a garden setting

Sue Chipperton has trained animals for Hollywood for 28 years. Working in Los Angeles for 21 years for one of the leading animal companies ​where she was a senior trainer and animal coordinator, Sue moved to Hawaii and started her own company...Check The Gate ~ animals for film and TV ( for all credits on TV shows/films/commercials).


Always passionate about photography Sue has spent years photographing the animals she works with and has a distinct understanding how to get the best out of your pet for that once in a lifetime image. If you are looking for photographer for any of your pets - big or small - then please email Sue at:




"If you’re seeking a Honolulu pet photographer with a love for stylish backgrounds and classic portraiture influences, we recommend getting to know Sue Chipperton! Sue’s photoshoot backgrounds are some of the best we’ve seen in the pet photography world, as she rarely relies solely on shallow depth of field for the “portrait look.” 

Instead, she chooses leading lines, color, negative space, and other compositional elements that give her work a far more polished feel. Sue also uses monochrome incredibly tastefully, emphasizing textural elements in the frame and helping subjects stand apart in high-key lighting situations. Her fine-art expression is unmatched and part of her signature style." Review from February 2020

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