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Pop Up Event July 22nd at Bark In The Park at Kaloko'eli Courtyard in Kaka'ako from1-5pm

Bark In The Park is such a fantastic event. It's held twice a year in Kaka'ako and while it is small it is huge on fun and activities for you and your pup! The past event in February was my very first pop up event and I had a successful Photo Booth set up - I never stopped taking photos! I remember I brought my lunch in a cooler and when we were done around 5pm I had not eaten or drank anything all day! It was soooo busy and so much fun. I took 35 dogs photos in 4 hours.

Hopefully there will be the same turn out. I will have a Photo Booth set up and really look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new ones - two legged and four legged.

So join us at our pop-up event for a pawsitively adorable experience - a Dog Photo Booth! Let me capture priceless memories with your furry friends and strike a pose in our elegant and artsy booth. Don't miss this tail-wagging opportunity to celebrate the joy and love our four-legged companions bring to our lives! #DogPhotoBooth #PopUpEvent #UnleashTheFun

Whether your pup is a diva, a goofball, or a natural model, our booth is designed to capture their unique personality! Don't miss out on this adorable opportunity to document special moments with your beloved pups. Join us at Bark In The Park and let the fun begin! #DogPhotoBooth #PawsomeMemories #UnleashTheCuteness

Oh! And don't forget to ask me about my special offer available only through this event!

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