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Something to celebrate? Let's do a photo shoot!

Do you have a pet birthday coming up? Or maybe you are getting ready to celebrate the "Gotcha Day" of your dog - the day you rescued him or her from the shelter or rescue?

There is no better way to celebrate your dogs anniversary than to have a photo shoot at your favorite location and maybe include a cake or cookie...Maybe even a birthday hat or a colorful lei.

There are a couple of dedicated doggy bakeries on Oahu - so check them out and decide whether you want to have a cake or maybe a birthday cookie for your photo shoot. Or maybe both!

The next step is to decide on a location - it can be anywhere you feel your dog would be comfortable. The beach (we would need to do an early morning shoot to avoid people and other dogs - also, the light is prettier), a picnic table at your favorite park (pet friendly park of course). We can also use the ranch where I live - there are plenty of options, including a beautiful lanai that we could decorate with a birthday banner!

Then of course what dog would not love a colorful lei for this wonderful celebration? Once we lock in a date for this special photo shoot and you have ordered the cake or cookie, you can decide what color you would like the custom lei. I will order the lei myself and have it for you at the shoot.

One last thing, if your dog is long haired or a poodle or poodle mix - don't forget to get your pup groomed for the special occasion!

To get more information on a birthday photo shoot please email me at:

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