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Cat photos, why is it so hard!?

It can be super hard to get a good photo of your cat. But if you are persistent and take a lot of images - you can do it!

First of all if your cat has access to a safe and secure garden, then this is the best option. Just hang out with the cat in the garden either early in the morning or later in the afternoon, when the light is best and start taking pictures. Shoot from down low on their level and have a few very quiet noise makers to get their attention. They need to be very soft and low so as not to spook the cat, just make them curious enough to look in your direction.

if your cat meanders through foliage and plants this will add some depth to your images - like the image above. I took this in a garden as the cat was walking behind some plants. When I made a gentle noise, the cat stopped, sat down and looked at me!

Now if you want to take pictures inside - your can do that also. You will just need a bit more light. So pick the time of day when you have the sun coming through one of the main windows. Always shoot with the cat facing that light source. You will also want to make sure your camera is set to the correct settings for indoors and I try NOT to use a flash, just natural light. I took this photo of my cat for the company PAW CBD. But my cat is actually trained like a dog and can sit/stay on command, so that makes it easier.

You can also use feather toys to get their attention, wave them around and then bring them to just above the camera and when the cat looks at the toy - take the picture!

As always if you have questions please feel free to reach out and contact me:

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