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Legacy Photo Shoot for your dog in Hawaii

What is a Legacy Photo Shoot? These photo shoots are dedicated to the dogs that have been with us through thick and thin. Who have been by our side from those first days with us as a puppy or that special pup from our local rescue. A Legacy Photo Shoot is a beautiful way to celebrate our pup as the last days or weeks draw near.

The most important thing is to make your dog feel comfortable and not endure any kind of stress during these photo shoots. Sometimes the best place for this is in your own home. If your dog is still active and comfortable then you could do a location shoot.

The special little girl in these images is called Peanut. She is 14 and was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She stole my heart and by the way she looked at her Mom in all of the images, she definitely stole hers a very long time ago.

Don't wait till it's the end. Celebrate your dog through all life stages. But for that last special shoot - tread carefully and gently.

For more information on scheduling that special shoot please reach out with any questions.

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