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Pet Photography Mini Sessions

A really good way to get lots of professional photographs of your dog is to sign up on a mailing list with your local pet photographer. This is something I have started to do offering these photo opportunities with the local community here on Oahu (soon to be Maui!).

What is a mini session?

A mini session is when a photographer (in this case a pet photographer) sets up a photo shoot with a backdrop, background or props that are ready to go - all you need is your favorite dog to pop onto the set and you. have yourself a professional photo!

In most cases photographers arrange for a new dog model every 30-45 minutes throughout the day and they do the photo shoot for a reduced rate. Its not the same as a regular photo shoot as you only have one choice of background.

Flower Mini Sessions

I have started to offer "flower mini photography sessions" a couple of times a year. Its a great opportunity for someone to try out pet photography for the first time. Or to test out a new photographer and see if this is something you and your dog enjoy. After all it HAS to be fun!

To get on the mailing list for the next mini session pet photo shoot - please drop me a line and I will contact you when I have set up a date!


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